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As a leading force in the pool industry for over 50 years, FSPA is committed to helping you succeed. Whether you're on the hunt for a pool professional or looking to take your pool business to new heights, let FSPA be your trusted partner throughout your journey.

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Trust FSPA to find your ideal pool expert: our wide-ranging, licensed members encompass pool constructors, service providers, and retailers throughout Florida.


Make owning a pool a breeze: find expert pool pros, learn insightful tips, and discover the latest technologies.


Simplify your pool construction journey by connecting with skilled pool builders. Discover more on what to expect.


Prioritizing safety for all pool owners, we provide insights on protecting your loved ones and ensuring their enjoyment.

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Locate the best, licensed pool specialists in your area for your project using our convenient search tool.

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Join the FSPA family and experience unparalleled benefits for Florida pool professionals, tailored to businesses of all sizes. Unlock cost-saving opportunities, gain a voice in local and state government, access top-notch education, and expand your network.

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Empower your pool expertise with crucial education to ensure safety, efficiency, and industry success.


Take action for the pool industry by championing policies that promote progress and safeguard the industry.


Elevate your pool business by joining our thriving community of professionals, fostering growth and collaboration.


that matters

Boost your pool enterprise by joining the FSPA family, reaping the rewards of exclusive cost-saving deals, networking opportunities, and tailored education. Strengthen your industry presence and play an active role in Florida’s flourishing pool community.

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Join us in our efforts to elevate the pool industry and learn more about how you can play a role.

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