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The Storm has passed. Now, what do you do with your pool?

Well, it depends. How hard was your pool hit? Do you have power? What kind of debris is in it? Is the filter equipment intact? Can you see the bottom?

If you cannot see the bottom, it is probably best left to a professional, licensed pool service company to deal with the situation ( Do not drain your pool without understanding the potential issues this can cause!

If you can see to the bottom and you want to tackle the job yourself, begin by use a deep net to remove large debris. Before using a cleaning method to remove smaller particles, while monitoring the filter status.

If you don’t have power, remove large debris right away and then add chemicals to try to keep things from getting worse. Without a running pump this is all you can do at first.

Once power is back on, check the status of the equipment. Does the pump work? If work needs to be done to get the pump running be aware that repairs can only be performed by a license pool contractor (a “CPO” is a certification not a license; verify them at  Do not allow large debris to get sucked into the system. Multiple filter cleanings may be required.

Pools are a major investment, doing something wrong can cause extremely expensive additional repairs! Proceed with caution!