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Pool Buying

Jump into the fun of buying a pool, transforming your backyard into an inviting sanctuary. FSPA has your back, connecting you with dependable experts and resources to make the process a piece of cake and a whole lot of fun.

Find a proven Florida Pool Pro in your area

PICKING a contractor

Choose the perfect contractor for your pool project with confidence; dive into crucial factors and insights, and learn the significance of solid contracts for a smooth sailing experience.

find the right partner

Use the FSPA search engine below and recommendations from family and friends to make a list of at least three possible companies.

Verify their information

Verify their license is current, active and covers the work to be done by visiting See what a license looks like HERE versus a business license / tax ID (not the same thing!)

check references

Request a list of references and take the time to give them a call.

Start Your Search

FSPA members agree to a CODE OF ETHICS when they join.  Ethics complaints can result in membership termination. FSPA members have access to free education.

Steer Clear of Unlicensed Work

Keep your pool investment safe by dodging unlicensed work; uncover the risks involved and how to find a skilled, licensed professional for your project.

Confirm Florida State Licensing

The state of Florida requires a license to build or repair pools; you can confirm licenses and read information on licensing at

Report Non-licensed Contractors

Non-licensed contractors performing work which requires a license can be reported to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Call the DBPR’s toll-free hotline 866-532-1440 or e-mail (report is forwarded to local office / investigator). A list of regulation offices can be found at

There are four swimming pool contractor licenses

  • Commercial pool/spa contractor: They can repair, build/install and service residential and commercial pools and spas.
  • Residential pool/spa contractor: They can repair, build/install and service residential pools and spas (not commercial).
  • Swimming pool/spa servicing contractor: They can repair and service (not build) commercial and residential pools and spas.
  • Residential pool/spa servicing specialty contractor: They can repair and service (not build) residential pools and spas (not commercial).

Stages of Construction

Get the scoop on the different phases of pool construction; gain valuable knowledge about each step, ensuring a well-informed and worry-free journey from beginning to end.

Engineering & Permits

After you and your builder decide on the design you want, engineered plans are finalized and permits are pulled by the contractor.

Excavation & Shell

The crew places stakes on your property following the layout of the pool with extra room for the concrete and steel.  Heavy equipment is brought in to dig and remove dirt.  Steel reinforcing bars are installed.  An inspection is required during this phase.  A concrete crew will form the shell.  Building inspectors and weather can cause unexpected delays which may affect time frames.

Tile / Plumbing

Plumbing lines are installed below the surface and equipment will be installed.  An inspection may be required in your area.  Tile is installed.

Decking / Grading

The ground is graded for the deck and the deck is formed and installed.

Equipment / Electric

A licensed electrician will perform the necessary electrical work. Installation of equipment is done.

Fence or Screen

Pools must be enclosed by a screen, a fence or a wall.

Child Safety

The Barrier Law requires door and window alarms, an approved safety pool cover, self-closing, self-latching doors, or a safety fence be installed.

Final Cleanup / Grading

The crew will remove any construction materials and level the ground around the pool.

Interior Finish

The interior finish you have selected is done and the pool will be filled with water.

Balancing / Start Up

Instruction will be given on how to properly maintain your new pool and how to add chemicals, etc.

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