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By Dallas Thiesen, FSPA Chief Government Relations Officer

The 2023 Florida Building Code (FBC) went into effect December 31, 2023, but the process to update the FBC for 2026 is already underway. The FBC is updated on a triennial basis. To ensure that all proposals are fully vetted, the Florida Building Commission has designated the base codes for the 2026 FBC and will begin accepting proposed modifications for inclusion in early 2025.

To meet this timeline, FSPA’s process for proposing modifications is now taking place. The FSPA Board of Directors has created the 2026 Building Code Taskforce (Taskforce), who is charged with developing modification proposals to be submitted for the 2026 FBC, as well as evaluating and taking positions on proposals submitted by others on behalf of FSPA.

All FSPA members are encouraged to participate in the 2026 Building Code update process by submitting suggestions for modifications to the Taskforce. For the 2026 FBC, the Taskforce will be developing proposals for both the commercial and residential swimming pool codes. If you would like to suggest a modification or identify a problem in the current building code for the Taskforce to develop into an official FSPA code modification proposal, please visit You will need to submit your name, email address, and phone number along with your suggested modification(s) so the Taskforce can reach out to get further input from you as needed.

Participating in the development of the Florida Building Code is one of the most important FSPA government relations programs. Through this process, FSPA ensures the requirements for construction, repair and modification of swimming pools and spas balances high standards with common sense. As a member of FSPA and Florida’s swimming pool and spa industry, your input is valued and necessary. Submitting a suggestion to the Taskforce is how you make your voice heard.

If you have any questions about the 2026 Building Code Update process or the Taskforce, please contact FSPA Chief Government Relations Officer Dallas Thiesen at

Submit your proposals for the 2026 Florida Building Code here.


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