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Jeff Tawney is ingrained into the very fibers of
AquaCal/AutopPilot, a subsidiary of Team Horner and FSPA Florida West Coast Chapter member. As Vice President and
part-owner of the country’s largest heat pump manufacturer since 1981, Jeff
exemplifies commitment and dedication to the pool and spa industry.

“This is a good place to work, at any level,” Jeff explains.
His interactions with his staff are evident of this – Jeff greets everyone he
sees by name, when he walks the floor of the expansive St. Petersburg, FL
campus. Construction is currently underway on a 10th building, with
the nine other buildings housing various departments including parts and
finished product manufacturing, plastic injection molding, research and
development, and administration.

As an FSPA member, Jeff has enjoyed the educational benefits
that come with membership. “The most enjoyable interactions I’ve had with FSPA
was when I was tasked to be on the Energy Committee,” he says, detailing the
presentations he gave to the Board of Directors and various law-making groups. “I
like teaching; the more technical, the better!”

His penchant for education also expands to his philanthropic
side. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, Jeff and AquaCal/AutoPilot, under the
umbrella of Team Horner, made a donation of $2.22 per heat pump sold, totaling almost
$22,000, to the Florida Swims Foundation.

“I have 8 grandkids that I want to see learn how to swim,”
Jeff explains. He anticipates making another donation in the months to come to
continue providing vital swim lessons throughout the region.

As for continuing to expand the AquaCal business? “We do
what makes sense,” he says. “It makes sense to bring it in house.” All aspects
of the business are housed on the St. Pete campus, from making plastic parts
and cutting sheet metal to the finished product assembly line and warehousing
and shipping departments.

With campus expansion underway and additional philanthropic
involvement on the horizon, Jeff and his team are ready for what comes next at
every level.

FSPA is thankful to have dedicated members like Jeff and
AquaCal/AutoPilot at Team Horner in the growing pool/spa industry.