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At the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA), we are not just about building pools; we’re about building futures. With our latest initiative, “We Are FSPA”, we are putting a spotlight on the crucial roles of education and advocacy in the pool industry. This campaign is a pledge to empower our members with ongoing knowledge and a voice to shape the future of our profession.

Education: The Heart of “We Are FSPA” 
Education is a cornerstone of the “We Are FSPA” campaign. We are immensely proud of our programs, which offer both comprehensive training and skill development. These programs are designed not just to educate but also to inspire our members to reach new heights of professionalism and expertise.

Advocacy: Our Voice in the Industry
Advocacy is another key pillar of the “We Are FSPA” initiative. We are committed to representing the interests of our members at all levels, ensuring that their voices are heard in critical industry discussions. From regulatory changes to industry standards, we are at the forefront, advocating for policies that benefit and protect our community and those we serve.

A Call to Action for Change
FSPA is more than a series of programs; it’s a movement. We are calling on all of our members, as well as members-to-be, to engage in these educational and advocacy efforts actively. Your participation is crucial in driving forward the changes we wish to see in our industry.

As part of the “We Are FSPA” campaign, we are not just adapting to change; we are leading it. We invite you to join us in this journey of growth and empowerment. Participate in our educational programs, lend your voice to our advocacy efforts, and let’s together raise the standard of excellence in the pool industry. Together, we are not just pool professionals; we are industry leaders, educators, and advocates.

We are FSPA. 


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